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Document Holding


Document Security and Management


Document storage, or when we discuss online document management, is the process of storing documents as electronic files. There are some obvious benefits to online document storage solutions, as opposed to the painfully archaic physical storage of paper documents.


On Time Process Services will hold your documents for as long as you need. We will also hold a physical copy in locked filing if you would like.

Another important benefit of online document storage is secure document storage. Anyone can pick up a document off of a desk. But without permission, no one can access a system that has sensitive documents. 

Document security goes well beyond who can access the system. With online document storage, users can be granted access to specific documents. Thus, you can secure your most sensitive documents to only certain individuals who have a need to access that information. You can take this even further by only allowing some users to access all of a given document and other users to only be able see a portion of the document. In many instances, this type of security can be mandated by government regulations. However, for all companies, securing data is the key to making sure that confidential information does not get leaked.


Security is also about ensuring the documents are preserved and do not get lost or damaged. Lost documents are obvious. Who hasn't looked for a file in a file cabinet and not found what they were looking for? Sometimes documents were misfiled. Other times the documents were on someone else's desk. In the worst instances, documents are removed from the premises and then forgotten at an offsite location. Documents can be lost forever, unless they are secured in a document management system.

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